Synesthesia CoverSynesthesia (2013)

My sister Diane, a fine painter, gave me a small book years ago that has since occupied a special place in my life. At its core, Concerning the Spiritual in Art describes the relationship between artist and viewer/listener – the relationship being a communion between art, or in this case music, and the human senses.  It was clear that to achieve this communion, we should break away from typical song titles on this Val Gardena album. Instrumental titles typically are at best contrived, or at worst meaningless, imposing a mostly fictitious emotion on the listener. The one hold out to convention is the composition “Bells of York”, dedicated to the great film composer, John Barry.

Synesthesia is the latest manifestation of a long standing relationship. Connected over time and distance by a shared sensibility, we have created music intended to evoke a response unique to each listener.

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