A Different Place, A Different Time

A Different Place, A Different Time

Christopher James A Different Place, A Different Time


A Different Place, A Different Time was my re-entry point into making music again after over 15 years of intense, stressful and at times, creative and interesting work at Universal. It seemed like a safe way to begin again by looking back at our catalogue of recordings which I had recently acquired through the largesse of my old company. Music like ours could never be referred as “hits” so calling the album “A Val Gardena Collection” seemed organic and honest enough. I also liked the idea of looking back to look forward. Much of what Jeff Leonard and I recorded over the years held up well but other material needed some refreshing so many of the songs have new mixes.  We also added one never before available on a VG album composition, based on the slow movement from Mozart’s Piano Concerto #23. This originally appeared on an Imaginary Road album called A Different Mozart. The first of two completely new tracks called “Whispering on the Wind” had been written for the Migration album. Why it didn’t make the cut then I do not know. The other is a song I wrote around the same time about my then very young daughter, Madeleine. Jeff contributed the bridge. Just a few months after finishing A Different Place, A Different Time we began work on what would be the Synesthesia concept album.

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